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Transform gigantic text datasets into action. No coding needed.

Extract insight from text data online, in your databases and SaaS - no coding needed. Stop asking for data engineering resources, start making decisions with perfect information.

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Problems we solve

The right knowledge at the right time, at scale.

Enterprises delight customers and make decisions using the power of information, but this information is buried in giant amounts of complex data, inside and outside the company. As 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, people are thrown at data problems to satisfy the wide range of use cases.

Creating the right knowledge at scale will transform the customer journey, delighting them every step of the way.



  • Build targeted audiences
  • Increase inbound conversion
  • Launch campaigns faster
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  • Build prioritization models
  • Pinpoint timing
  • Account plan automation
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  • Every account monitored
  • Tie upsell to pains and initiatives
  • Pre-empt strategic changes
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  • Analyze jobs-to-be-done
  • Summarize user feedback
  • Identify new features
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  • De-risk supplier base
  • Improve supply chain visibility
  • Enforce supplier compliance
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  • Find differentiated deal flow
  • Search for gaps in the market
  • Write investment memos faster
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What we do

All-in-one platform to surface, collaborate and act on insights.

Unify gigantic datasets in any format, from any source. Collaboratively analyze and create new knowledge using no-code tools. Make decisions with perfect information at enterprise scale.


Gather information from anywhere

Replaces opening 100s of websites, tools, and docs
All research starts with gathering information. You can point QuantCopy to any source, including:
  • Anything on the internet โ€“ pre-loaded onto QuantCopy, just like any search engine
  • Your internal tools โ€“ via integrations to SaaS tools like email, chat, CRM, wikis Q2 2021
  • Data Lakes โ€“ via integrations to S3, BlobStore, and Elasticsearch Q3 2021
  • 3rd party information providers โ€“ via our information marketplace Q4 2021

Run 1000s searches in one go

Replaces repeated Ctrl+F and Googling
As you go through different sources of information, you repeatedly search for the same list of keywords, over and over again. Give QuantCopy a list of searches, and it will run them all in one go, summarizing results into digestible reports.
Whether its 140 characters or 140 pages, get a summary of every important snippet you need to know
If multiple search terms appear in the same sentence, we merge the search results to save you time
Smart windowing and highlights give you the right amount of context around your search hits

Ask specific questions repeatably

Replaces manually reading through search results
Keywords searches are not specific, so you find yourself reading through each hit to filter out the crap. On QuantCopy, you can specify what you are really looking for, like Product:Salesforce or Technology:Cloud.
Answer Types
Specify meanings, not words. Ask about numbers and financial figures
Focus searches onto particular sources, avoid irrelevant results
Limit search results by time, act on up-to-date information

Act on perfect information every time

Replaces ad-hoc docs and sheets tracking important info
Whether you are looking for next steps on People within Companies ; or Users and their feedback around specific Features, you can tag multiple search results into one actionable to-do with a simple click. Over time, QuantCopy learns and recommends next steps back to you.
To-do feed
Easily summarize next steps using tags, notes, and checklists
Assign statuses and priorities to each topic within your investigation
Group topics and search terms in projects

โ€œWith QuantCopy my research is 5x faster. In a few clicks, I can mine the entire internet for relevant and targeted account actions, combine with my Salesforce data, leading to larger and higher quality pipeline.

โ€” George Gilks, Sales, Workfront

โ€œBetween the excellent customer success, and their unique ability to answer questions at scale, QuantCopy powers over 50% of our go to market strategy and research.

โ€” Mauro Cozzi, CEO and Co-Founder, Emitwise

โ€œQuantCopy enables marketers to build a hyperrealistic picture of each audience member, increasing the accuracy of my assumptions. I geniunely feel like I understand our personas more with QuantCopy.

โ€” Lorna Oakley, Marketing Manager, Emitwise

โ€œQuantCopy saves me between 6-8 hours of research time per week.

โ€” Alex Whyte, Enterprise Account Executive, GoCardless

Integrate expertise anywhere

Get summarized search results directly into the tools you already use. Integrate QuantCopy right into your existing stack, providing seamless, perfect information for every team.

Safe & Secure

SSL everywhere, database encryption at rest, 100% cloud-based architecture secured behind a VPC, and independent security audits.

SAML single sign-on

Manage employee access at scale with secure single sign-on. Included with our Enterprise Plan.

Stop wasting time gathering information, copy-and-pasting snippets, and making ad-hoc planning docs. Start making decisions with perfect information.

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