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Enterprise Sales

Increase outbound and inbound conversion rates by doing deeper research, faster. Run 1000s of web, Linkedin, Salesforce searches in one go, so you can understand prospects better, find bigger pain points, and drive revenue growth.

βœ… Salesforce, CSV, Chrome Integrations

βœ… Self-service and easy to use

β€œWith QuantCopy my research is 5x faster. It provides relevant and targeted account actions, leading to larger and higher quality pipeline.

β€” George Gilks, Enterprise Sales @ Workfront, an Adobe company

How does QuantCopy help enterprise sales teams?



Improve forecasting, coaching and retaining talent, and equip your team with target market expertise. Build a consistent and visible research process on QuantCopy.


Sales Development

Search for pain points, initiatives, and triggers at scale. Find new use cases and buying committees. Be effortlessly prepared to create opportunities at lightning speed.


Account Executives

Convince the right champions and back up your business cases. Get real-time alerts on every deal. Zoom in on your weekly priorities while keeping tabs on your entire TAM.

World-class onboarding and customer success

  • 1:1 onboarding sessions
  • Webinars, refresher training, and on-demand video
  • Comprehensive Help Center
  • Monthly success metric reviews

Self-learning feedback loop and ROI reporting

  • Feedback loop: by tracking how research impacts pipeline, we use machine learning to learn from what search terms best create pipeline and revenue, and personalize search results to your team
  • CRM integrations enable us to track and report on impact of search
  • Discover the best targets, people, triggers, and messaging
  • Identify and act on knowledge gaps in your team

β€œQuantCopy saves me between 6-8 hours of research time per week.

β€” Alex Whyte, Enterprise Account Executive, GoCardless

Ready to see QuantCopy in action?

The best enterprise sales teams in the world use QuantCopy to understand prospects better, find bigger pain points, and drive revenue growth.